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Interior Services

Prior to any work, all floors will be covered with drop cloths, all furniture and other areas that need to be protected will be covered with plastic. All wall plates will be removed and stored away during the painting stage. After each day of work we will do a full clean up to your satisfaction.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

In the past, many homebuilders added popcorn ceilings to homes as a means of concealing imperfections and adding what they thought was a stylish finish. Today, popcorn ceilings date homes - and not in a good way. Thankfully, you don’t have to tolerate yours for a moment longer than needed, especially with our popcorn ceiling removal service.

"Popcorn" Acoustic Ceiling removal starts with saturating the ceiling with water to soften the water soluble acoustic popcorn and hand removed with the drywall knife. Because joint compound is water soluble, the existing tape and bed joint lines on the sheet-rock will be reapplied for a smooth seamless finish. The smooth exposed sheet-rock is then textured to the customers specifications and then painted in a finish coat.

popcorn ceiling removal

Interior Painting

Are you tired of your home’s indoor atmosphere? While furniture and decorations are important, interior paint can drastically affect the mood of any room in your home. Choosing the right color is essential - and so is choosing the right interior painting contractor. Thankfully, no matter which room you’re looking to redo, you can always depend on our team for assistance. Rest easy knowing you’ve chosen painters with more than 30 years of experience. Our approach to interior painting involves plenty of preparation and detail work. These are just a few of the reasons local families choose us for help with their remodels and renovations.

Painting involves more than simply rolling color onto walls. Unfortunately, many painting contractors do just that - without paying attention to your home’s hundreds of high-maintenance spots. For example, baseboards and crown molding require a light touch and a careful hand. Don’t you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing these areas have been handled properly? When you choose our interior painting company, you’ll get that peace of mind and more. As a business that specializes in renovating and remodeling, we know how important the details are in the context of the big picture. That’s why we never skimp on them. In fact, we go out of our way to navigate these places with caution and care, which means you’ll always received a polished result.

interior painting

Cabinet Painting

The Cabinets will be masked in place. The hinge hardware will also be masked and any door knobs and will be removed during paint application. The surrounding area will be tented floor to ceiling with a plastic tent to reduce any airborne paint particles (overspray) from migrating to other areas of the house. The doors, draw front and cabinet box will be primed and sanded with an intermediate sandable primer to create a smooth clean surface to apply the topcoat. Once the primed surfaces are clean and ready for the finish coat the enamel will be applied in a uniform clean application. The area will be left to cure overnight. The following day the plastic, tape and protective paper will be removed. The cabinets doors and draw fronts will be left opened and undisturbed for another overnight cure phase to allow the paint additional time to harden. A walk through with the homeowner will then take place and after approval the kitchen will be turned over to the customer. Note: the finish should be allowed a full 30 days to completely cure. There should be no scrubbing on the paint surface during this phase.

cabinet painting

Exterior Services

exterior services
Exterior Painting

Painting your exterior home is more than just changing the color of your home. Paint Suppliers have designed their paint coatings to protect exterior surfaces to withstand sun exposer and the freeze thaw effect that cause the paint to become brittle and breakdown. Given enough time, the brittle paint exposes your properties substrate to the elements and can cause greater damage then just paint replacement. Every successful paint application needs to consider that the wood siding and trim is inspected for rot and exposer. Every repaint should include the following steps.

exterior painting
Pressure Washing the Home

All surfaces should be CLEAN, DRY & DULL before for the repaint coat to adhere to the surface for a long duration of time. Pressure washing cleans away the dirt and pollution with a high level of water pressure and creates a foundation that is clean, dry and dull. The house should be allowed to dry before the paint is applied.

Wood, Composite and Cement Board

Siding and trim can and do rot or are worn out from the environment, rodent damage in some cases shorter life span then other surfaces.

Caulking and Sealing

Where two or more surfaces meet the gaps should be sealed with caulking sealant. A skilled painter will ensure that caulking covers the gaps enough that it shuts out moisture from the exterior elements. Not all sealant products are the same. Builder grade sealants are inexpensive for the builder and though these products seal trim and siding during the initial paint job they can cause erosion the wood trim and siding because they let water into the wood effecting warping and expansion of the wood pieces. If you spend the money to apply a superior paint to your home the caulking should match in quality and quantity of application.


Primers are used for multiple reasons and though there are paint coatings marketed as paint and primer in one this type of product cannot cover all of the reason a painter should elect to use a primer. We will use primer on new raw surfaces that have never been painted before. We will use a specialize primer for new and older unpainted brick. We will use a specialized primer for old peeling paint that needs to be glued down. We will use a special primer to control tannin bleeding common in tannin and cedar woods. We will use a specialized primer for pressure treated lumber.


The right topcoat can make or break a successful paint job. We work with each customer to find out where the budget is however most of the time we will default to a high-quality finish that will stand the test of time and protect your most important asset. 100% Acrylic finish coats provide the longest protection and cover with easy. The value of premium grade finish coat is experienced long after we have completed your job and your finish can weather the elements of intense Texas sun exposer, freeze thaw effects and wind driven rain.

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